Do teenage relationships last?

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I have a 16 year old daughter who is madly ''in love'' with her boyfriend of 2 years. He just turned 18. He's a good boy, well mannered, attractive, and seems to love her as well. I just want to know what other moms think about teens and love. I don't think a person is too young to find true love, but because teens have immature tendencies and make unwise decisions, I'd say it's very rare. I don't think anyone has the right to tell a teen that they don't know what love is because of their age, it's closed minded and unjust.


Jodi - posted on 03/12/2015




Actually, statistically, teenage relationships have a greater risk of failure, even if it is "true love". People change a lot in their early 20s, and it is very easy to grow apart even if you were soulmates. This is why I've always told my kids to not rush into relationships - they have time to settle down with someone, get married, have children.

Do we have the right to tell them they don't know what love is? No. Do we have the right to explain to them that love changes, people change, and the love they have now needs time to mature before making rash decisions? Absolutely. WAY too many people (and it often seems to be younger people) seem to think a 4 month relationship is steady enough to be moving in together, thinking about having a kid, etc. Sorry, but I would definitely stronly discourage these sorts of decisions.

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I think that teens can find love. But as the others say it won't last as long as they think. It might lead to marriage and kids but eventually because they change so much during the early 20's that it makes it hard when those changes do not mesh well in the relationship. My parents met as kids and grew up knowing each other. THey did not always live close to each other but were in the general area. My mom remembers how she "fell in love" with the cute boy when she was a girl. They did end up getting married after my dad's short time in the Army. Today they look forward to 48 years of marriage. My dad's parents had 53 before my grandfather died. I do not know of anyone my age that stayed married to their young sweetheart. I myself got divorced after 12 years of marriage and not by choice.

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I do think a teenager can be in love. I was. A different kind of love that I have for my husband, but I was still in love no doubt.

For the most part, young relationships don't last. There are rare exceptions, but the chances are slim that they will last. Let them have their relationship and it sounds like you are very supportive which is great.

I have personally known a few couples that have lasted and are still together. I also know couples that lasted for 12+ years and have divorced. You just never know. I thought I was gonna marry my high school sweetheart, glad I didn't.

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It is rare for a teenage relationship to last. Young people change so much that they usually grow apart. I also really don't think that they do realize all that goes into making a relationship work. Feeling "love" and being "in love" are two separate and different things. Through a long lasting relationship, you love the other person, but you go through phases of being in love with them. Kids are all about the high they get from being in love or infatuated with someone, and they lose interest when that high starts to fade. They don't realize they need to nurture the love and fall back in love with their partner.

But there are different ways that things can turn out.... My current husband and I met in high school. We fooled around a little, but didn't really have a serious relationship. Fast forward 22 years... we both had married other people and gotten divorced, he has two kids, and then we reconnected again. We both were taken by surprise at how strongly we felt for each other, we got married, and I still feel he's the love of my life. We are so happy together. So, even if it doesn't work in the beginning, they may get a second chance down the road.

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So many long lasting relationships that I admire (like my grandparents) started in their teen years, BUT - people aren't what they used to be. As Jodi mentioned, people change during that age, and too often at least one of the 2 people doesn't have the ideals to try to make it work. Long lasting love is not nearly as thrilling as all the attention you get from other partners. Nowadays it is so quick and easy to find that attention with dating apps/websites/social media.
Sometimes it takes until people get into their mid 30s/40s to really realized the importance of the "I'm in it for the long run attitude".
Hell, I certainly didn't expect to get divorced. I was with my high-school sweetheart for 9 years before he left me. I didn't have a choice.


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