Do you allow kids to have a tv in their room

Amanda - posted on 12/14/2014 ( 4 moms have responded )




My 13 year old daughter wants a tv in her room, I don't want my kids to have tvs in their room because then they will never get to sleep. My question is do you allow your kids to have tvs in their room.


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Ledia - posted on 12/15/2014




Yes.....I never thought I would be one of "Those Moms" but I lost the TV in Bedroom Battle on my son's 10th birthday. My husband bought it for him.

We only had one TV before that, and it is in our home library, which is also where my husband and I often work. We can't work with the TV on, so that means if either of us is working, reading, or doing anything else in the library, no one could watch TV. We originally had one in the great room as well, but we never watched it because while that sofa is very beautiful, it's really uncomfortable to sit on, so I gave that TV to my mom when her's broke. We do not have Cable or Satalite TV, just Hulu and Netflix. It is a "Smart TV" which I guess most of them are now, but the one I gave my mom isn't. It connects to our home office network and we can set limits on when it can be turned on, and for how long. We can also block certain shows and movies on Netfix (he doesn't get Hulu on that TV), and monitor what he does watch, just to make sure he isn't finding ways around our parental blocks and that no shows that we do not approve of slip through the cracks.

We do not allow TV or video games Monday through Thursday, but he is allowed to use his computer for 1 hour each day, including his homework time. He has 4 hours of TV or Video Game time to use between 5pm Friday afternoon (after school and homework) and 7pm Sunday evening, but he rarely uses the whole 4 hours. The TV keeps track of it, it won't turn on before 5pm on Friday or after 7pm on Sunday, and it has an internal timer that keeps track of the weekend time, so I don't have to deal with it.

I would Definitely recommend a smart TV if you have a choice. It is so much easier to manage.

Sarah - posted on 12/15/2014




Nope......TV is in the family room. Keeps the family together, allows me better monitoring as to what is being watched, and allows for better sleep and study habits. My kids have asked for a tv in their room since they were probably 9 or 10 yrs old.....oldest is 17 yrs old. My answer is when you have a home of your own you can put a tv in your bedroom if you wish.

Jodi - posted on 12/14/2014




Funny you ask that. I've just decided to get my 17 year old one for Christmas because he is now at an age where he can make better choices about his sleep and study habits (and he does). At 13? No way.

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