Do you believe in Guardian Angels?

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Do you believe in Guardian Angels? Why?
I am really interested in hearing stories that have convinced you that your children (or yourself) have a guardian angel.
Does anyone have a child that seems...sensitive to the paranormal? Has anyone's child ever come to them in the morning and asked them about a family member coming to visit...but they had passed away recently? What did you say to the child? How did you explain what they are describing?
I am totally interested in hearing ALL opinions here...


Melissa - posted on 05/15/2011




I always wonder about children playing by themselves. My son, for instance, will go into his room and shut the door, and you can hear him in there babbling away, laughing, sometimes getting mad, going through a whole array of emotions. I always wonder if he's just practicing on his own, mimicing grown ups, or if he's playing with someone.

When my mother was younger she lived in the house my grandparents still live in. She had the bedroom at the top of the stairs, and one night got up to go to the bathroom. When she walked out of her room she turned on the light and for some reason glanced down the stairs, and she saw an old man, slightly transparent, walking up the stairs. It scared her, so she ran into my grandparents room and jumped into their bed, crying about it. My grandfather didn't believe her, but my grandmother did. She never saw him again.

When my youngest brother was born my parents were separated, so we were staying with my grandparents in that same house. It was really early in the morning, and only my mother, my nana and myself were awake. We were out on the back porch (full enclosed, used as the family room) with the baby. My grandfather and middle brother were both still sleeping. The sun was just barely coming up, and the lights were all off as to not distrube the baby, we just had the tv on and the volume on low. All of a sudden, the whole room got really really bright, as if the sun had just come up right outside the windows (which wrapped around the whole room) it lasted maybe 10 seconds, and then it got dark again. No one could explain it. It wasn't lights in the house, it was a warm, yellow light outside the house, but like I said, the sun was barely up yet.

No one has ever been able to explain these things. My grandfather still isn't a believer, but we are.

Lissa - posted on 05/15/2011




OK here goes (this may be long).....
My eldest used to say an old man called Alister came and talked to him at bedtime. I asked him if it bothered or upset him, it didn't so I figured either it is someone or is imagination, anyway no harm done, a few times when he was unwell he would laugh and tell me Alister was playing peek a boo with him. One day visiting my Mum she was sorting out old photos and my son asked her why she had a photo of his Alister, my Mum asked what he meant so i told her about his friend. Turned out Alister was her grandfather, who she had never talked about to me or my son and never had any pictures of apart from this one in a box I had never seen.
As a child I always said there was a man around, he was just there right through until i left home. Always just a vague shape of a person that I knew was a man that always came with a certain smell but could never really see properly. I actually almost "bumped into him" one day on the stairs said sorry and walked around him :)
As an adult whenever things get tough he's around. I'll walk into a room and smell "his smell" but never see him (I do wonder if that's because I am no longer a child therefore my brain just doesn't process it). Other people have noticed the smell too and generally just find it interesting. I do remember at one point in my teenage years he was everywhere and it was driving me nuts, it was like I was being watched all the time. I was sitting on my bed and said " You are driving me up the wall wondering all over the place, go away" and he "disappeared" for a few weeks.
My mother woke up the night her own mother died and says she saw her at the end of the bed.
So maybe imagination, maybe something more who knows but I allow only one mirror in my house so my husband can shave but why is a whole other story that does creep me out.

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