Do you believe people are born good or bad? Did you opinion change as you got older?

Trish - posted on 08/06/2012 ( 11 moms have responded )




I believe people are good. We are all just people trying to make it through life raising our children and teaching them to be happy, responsible, intelligent, capable individuals. We need to give freedom back to people. I believe this will restore happiness. You control your own happiness.

The government has stopped teaching the U.S. Constitution. Nobody knows their individual rights. The 9th Amendment should have been the end - unenumerated rights with the belief that people should be free and personally responsible for themselves. Social programs are unconstitutional. 16th amendment is unconstitutional. Why should the government know how much money we make? I believe we should take back our control and let us make our own decisions. We are good people. Stop stealing my money in the name of society. I know I can do a better job.

Did you know that our Congress folks both at federal and state levels make over $250,000/yr each plus $1,000,000 in bonuses, office staff, etc.? They’ve voted and are scheduled for yet another pay increase in January… There is no accountability in government spending and now my family is hurting. Am I the only one feeling this way? Is there anything we can do to make a positive impact to change society and educate them of their individual rights? It's just not taught in schools anymore... Would love to hear some feedback. Thanks.


Jill - posted on 08/08/2012




I clicked on this thread thinking it was a philosophical debate and was disappointed to see it was a poorly informed political diatribe. Bummer.

As for teaching the articles of the constitution, it most certainly is taught. In public schools, it progresses through in social studies, history and civics classes, beginning in elementary school. In higher education, there are even further opportunities to explore the details and nuances.

You said "Imagine if we stopped at the 10th Amendment".

Slavery would still be legal - #13.
Non-white people would not be allowed to vote #15
Nor would women - #19

So yeah. Sounds like heaven if you're a misogynistic male white supremacist.

If you didn't learn anything in 20 years of schooling, perhaps you had the misfortune of attending poor schools. Or perhaps you have an undiagnosed learning disability. What you are doing now isn't 'self educating' but parroting propaganda and conspiracy theory. You don't even understand the topic that you're ranting about.

Cathy - posted on 08/08/2012




Wow lots of words, I agree with Dove.We are born first on sin and have a choice to be born again a second time.... Its by Gods grace that we are alive, He is longsuffering.


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Charlene - posted on 08/09/2012




I believe it's nurture not nature and I think in most cases bad people have had bad things happen to them. A country without laws and financial contribution doesn't sound like a country, the whole point is you follow the same rules and all contribute to bettering your community.

In my opinion the problem with most developed countries now is like rage against the machine everyone wants to stick it to the man, freedom, rights! Murderers , rapists the lot all take great pride in their rights and their is nothing worse, what about the rights of the persons life you took or destroyed!

Education is an essential part of community and socialization for children and show and tell things like that stop less fortunate children being left out, also why I think it's important to have a uniform so you can't distinguish less fortunate children by there clothing and belongings!

As for benefits again your not considering people leas fortunate than yourself some people and their children would be out on the streets if it wasn't for the governments help and while there are some people who abuse the system for the most part I like to think my contribution through tax helps others in their time of need! And will help me if I need it.

Everyone needs to be thinking a bit more we and less I x

Rebecca - posted on 08/09/2012




To answer the heading, I don't believe that anyone is born bad, but would say that they have some personality at birth that is then shaped (for better or worse) by life experiences.
In response to the rant, as an Australian, I find the idea of no welfare system abhorrent - people would be living and dying on the streets, including children, with the most vulnerable in society the worst affected. Taxes in our country pay for schools and universities, roads, welfare, justice systems, physical, mental and public health and "social" programs as you call them, all of which are integral to a civil society. No government, just like no individual, is perfect, and all are driven by ideology but the alternative is likely a descent into chaos.
Overall, I found the whole diatribe to be very Americo-centric, with no understanding that most other countries hold a very different view to the one expressed here.

Elfrieda - posted on 08/08/2012




To answer your subject line: I think people have good and bad inside them, yes even babies. What are babies if not selfish? It's appropriate for their level, but we certainly try to train them to care for others as they get older.

To answer your main topic: So you're an anarchist? The problem with everybody doing their own thing is that people get left behind. So you and your family will be alright. What about your neighbours who don't have a lot of marketable skills and then the factory where they worked shut down and now they can't feed their kids? How will they cope without help? I'm not an American, but as a human being, it's my job to care for other people. We have to pay extra taxes because we make extra money. That's okay, it helps other people. If I was to try to distribute that money myself, I wouldn't be as effective. Yes, sometimes the people in charge make stupid decisions or ones that I don't agree with and it upsets me that our land tax shot way up to (for example) pay for an enormous community complex that in my opinion was only built to try to out-do neighbouring townships. But overall it's a pretty good system, or at least I can't think of a better one.

♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 08/08/2012




I believe that people are inherently born without sin. I believe that choices that are made for them, and eventually choices that they make will determine whether or not they are "good" or "bad".

Other than that, your post seems a bit wordy, and vague. You seem to be unhappy with your lot in life. And your post title certainly doesn't reflect that you want to bash on our constitution, or your kid's teachers. FYI, show and tell CAN be a very disruptive event. But, generally, teachers that don't have "share time" are those that realize that not EVERYONE has something to share, and they don't want the kids who would feel left out to feel that way, thus the "getting rid of" show and tell.

I, myself, am fairly happy with our constitution, as it's written, including the amendments. I don't think you'll find a country on this earth (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong) where the citizenry does not contribute to the financial well being of the country as a whole.

honestly, at this point, one thing that I WOULD change is to make the government repay the Social security program that they stole funds from to support "other" things.

User - posted on 08/08/2012




So where would we be without government and laws? There would be anarchy. Without taxation there would be no infrastructure. If there were no welfare system if you fell on hard times you would be out on the streets, begging for charity from those who have a social conscience rather than shouting about individual rights.

With rights come responsibilities and that is in looking beyond yourself and your rights to the good of the whole.

BTW I hope you don't mind me broadening this out to non-Americans.

Trish - posted on 08/08/2012




Hi Kimberly,

I really appreciate your opinion, but I wish that you had read the U.S. Constitution before you replied. Unfortunately, you don't know what you don't know... I believe your opinion is the exact problem feeding into the degradation of society. It sounds like an opinion... that you were taught... Do you really believe that? Please open your mind to the following philosophical ideas...

Do you believe that it costs this much money to provide the services that the government does? If the government wasn't providing these services, who would? If the government is supposed to protect us, then can you explain why 9/11 happened? Were they doing their job then? What about all the government systems? Are they helpful or hurtful? Why does it cost money to open a business? Just start asking why... If it's not logical, then it's probably wrong...

Who gives you your rights? What's your most valuable asset? If you break a law, what happens? Who creates laws? Are laws good or bad? What do you know when you're born? Where do ideas come from?

Let's get those brains going. Let's get those free ideas flowing. Let's do it. We can do better. We can change the world in a positive way. Please, read the U.S. Constitution. It says that we have a right to life. We are born with our rights. God gave us our rights. We are good people. You will feel happy and free and motivated after reading it. It was written over 300 years ago and so many truths run through it today. It is a living document. Imagine the world if we can take back our freedoms. Imagine if we stopped at the 10th Amendment...

As a mom, what are you teaching your children? To allow other people to make decisions for you and your children? To allow other people to know how much money you make and take it from you? Of course not! You're teaching your children to be nice. You're modeling your behavior to ensure they are taught correctly and grow up to be happy, motivated, loved individuals. You're making sacrifices to ensure the happiness of you and your children. Do you treat your children the same? Of course not! Your children have names. They have personalities. They have their own interests. You want to nurture them as individuals. It makes you happy to see your babies grow and learn. It makes you happy to see them laugh, dance, play, make friends... that's life! That's what it's about! Our babies.

As parents, we want our children to be happy, independent, motivated individuals. I look at the world and I want more for my children. The world is their oyster... Of course, I can't read your mind... I only assume your a mom sacrificing of yourself to give the best to your babies... I assume you're just like me...

Just look at the world now... Forget everything you were taught... It's probably wrong... it's time to feel empowered. It's time to take your control back.

Do you really want someone else telling you how to raise your children? Do you feel your children's teachers know better than you do? Do you enforce the child helmet laws? Seat belt laws? Jaywalking laws? Do you make complete stops at stop signs? Do you pay your taxes? Are you aware of how many taxes you pay? Why should some people pay more taxes than others? Do the people paying more taxes receive more benefits? Why aren't the people receiving benefits doing more? Have you ever gotten anything for free? Every dollar I made, I earned. It feels good to nurture those talents and skills. It feels great to bring home that paycheck! You earned it! You did it! Be proud! Be happy. It's yours.

If you want to share, you can, but what happens if you don't pay your taxes? If you don't know the law, you're still supposed to know it or you're going to prison... or paying a fee/tax.. Just remember, the government doesn't make money. They tax. When you put the government (a group of people in charge to make arbitrary laws) in charge, you give away your freedoms to make decisions in the best interest for you and your family... Do they know better than you do?

I am a 31-year-old mom of two boys. I am a network engineer, an architect, a CA realtor (unfair, arbitrary laws I only just learned), a project manager, a chef, a teacher, etc. I wear a lot of hats. :) I went to school for 20 years and never learned anything from teachers and school. Everything I know, I taught myself through the Internet (facts) or with the help of successful, logical, knowledgeable people in my working career. I am learning to raise my children through logic, my family, my friends, and others who I respect in my life. Is that what you do too?

What are the credentials of our teachers? Are they better than your credentials? I have a soon to be 3-year-old and a 5-year-old. I put my children in preschool since they were 3 because I believe in education. I believe in knowledge and facts. I believe all people are capable, but must be driven and motivated to act. I have become disenfranchised. I know I can do a better job!

I asked the teachers last year (for my then 3-year old) to allow my child to do "show and tell" as he had at his previous school. They told me no. They said that it would disrupt the class...

I believe that "show and tell" nurtures the human soul and allows my children to express their individuality. They are taught to conform in school. Is that really what we want for our babies? I want to encourage free thought. I want to encourage their individuality. We are all people, but we don't all want the same things. We are making history now... I want so much more for them than what I had and together, I believe we can do it.

Just think... what makes you happy?

User - posted on 08/06/2012




I'm really new here, but I'm not even sure if this type of topic is totally relevant to the site (other than you feel your family is affected). And I know nearly nothing about US politics. But I assume that in your second paragraph, by stating that the government shouldn't know our personal finances you are referring to tax-paying based on how much you make? I believe that taxes are necessary to keep countries alive and that depending on donations to take care of roads, public schools, hospitals, etc may not retrieve the required funds. It is probably assumed that people who make more money are able to give more money and that's why the government needs to know personal salaries. That information also has to do with the government managing and understand the economy on a national scale. I don't mean anything offensively and I rarely discuss politics, even remotely. I am just trying to offer some other viewpoints, and I apologize if I misunderstood your post. I really hope you get replies from people more well-versed in specifics of US politics and the concerns that you have about them. Good luck!

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