Do you encourage your children and families to watch TV Shows with story lines that show romance between an 18yr old and 35-40 yr old?

Malika - posted on 03/09/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




I have an issue. I have been following the show Walking Dead since it started. In the show, there is a character Beth who starts off as 14/15 in the beginning of the show. Now in it's fifth season she is 18. There is another character , Daryl who is in his late 30s/40s on the show. The problem is that the show for this season, especially, is trying to build a story line for the two characters to "hook up". To me, the whole world seems to be cheering them on. The whole world, except for me. I have nothing against the characters. What I do not encourage is the massive age difference to be ignored. Don't you think that there are pedaophiles around thinking and being encouraged. Don't you think this is encouraging our young daughters who are in their teens to run to the 30/40 something bad boy image type man child who was an uncle to them yesterday and is now is their potential hook up? Where does the line get drawn? We can keep saying that its just a show but ladies, this is the No.1 show with a large audience that they can have impact on. There is a lot of influence that this show has. We can turn the other cheek , just because the actors are "cute" but it's not right. Why are we encouraging our young girls who have yet to experience life, that it's ok to make out with the Daryls of the world? I am so disturbed by the fact that the writers even saw this as a story line.
I have worked in some third world countries and used to constantly see 18 year old get married to 30/40 year old all the time, in arrange marriages. Sometimes these young girls felt like their new husband was their Romeos. But most of the time it was plain sick for them (as many described it to me). They said that would rather get married to someone close to their age group. And rather go to college , have a life of their own before getting married. Most of their local TV shows and movies would show a 17/18 year old girl falling in love with a third world "Daryl" of their equivalent. And now the No.1 show on television is showing the exact same thing. I don't know if I should throw up or bang my head. Please don't tell me its just a show. The media has a phenomenal impact on our kids.


Jodi - posted on 03/09/2014




It's a TV show that kids shouldn't be watching anyway. Let's face it - it was a Zombi Apocolypse. The human race is designed to continue in any way it can. Unless young women and older guys hook up, that may not happen. I'd suggest you explain it like that - that it isn't really to be encouraged in society today, there are times in society where it has been as a matter of survival, just as it might be in the future should survival be a question. Maybe you should read some history books about young medieval girls married off to older men - often it was about the ability to continue to bear children. That's just the way it was. I can't see it is encouraging our teens to do anything.

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