Do you ever feel like your child is seeing Spirits in the house??

Melissa - posted on 08/31/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




Sometimes my daughter wakes up in middle of the night and although this very well could be nightmares - she is 18 months old. Yet she seems petrified and wide awake. She has pointed at an empty space in the room before - she has also pointed right after waking up screaming.

I am nervous about spirits visiting her that are negative entities. I am a firm believer in spirits, and believe my grandmother has visits to her- she has also pointed at a spot in the room and said the word "Nana" With a smile.

Yet, these negative energies that might be surrounding her freak me out because I don't it scaring her. I know I sound crazy right? I want to believe its just nightmares, but I get a weird feeling every once in a while that its not.

Can anyone relate to this experience? Or similar?

Whenever I have an episode like this, what I do is sage the house and do a lot of focus in her room. My friend told me to put rose quartz in her room, and if I have a small stone of it, to put it under her bed. Will try that as well.


Gale - posted on 08/31/2012




Yes, I have, when that happens I bless our house my self, and all is good till it needs it again, there are so many spirits out there and it good to do it regularly. It send the bad ones out but keeps the good ones like family close by.

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