Do you ever order children's clothes on-line? There seems to be a lot of closeouts and discounts


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Louise - posted on 12/17/2010




I tend to buy out of season on line for my daughter to keep the costs down. I wait for the summer sale as we are entering winter and then buy the next size up for the next summer. I tend to do this in the big brand stores to guarantee quality.

Emily - posted on 12/16/2010




I get a lot of things second-hand on ebay. Have gotten nice-quality clothing.

Jocelyn - posted on 12/16/2010




Yep all the time :)
Things to keep in mind, their return/exchange policy, and their customer rating/reviews.
And always check the size charts!

[deleted account]

No. I'm the type that likes to see, feel, touch things before I buy them. Especially clothing. I know it sounds silly but sometimes color doesn't translate well online and also, sometimes texture doesn't either. There's also just no way to check out quality online and unless you're spending lots of money on brand name stuff, it's easier to go to the store. Plus, with all the different brand names and the way sizes for one brand run smaller or larger than's just easier to go to the store. A friend of mine got my son a Baby Gap gift card for his first birthday. I ordered him a set of over-alls, size 18 months because that's what size he was wearing in everything else. Turns out Baby Gap clothing sizes run WAY bigger than other things and he couldn't wear the over-alls until his second birthday. He only got to wear them once and then shortly after, they were too small for him. I had wanted him to wear them sooner but we lived in Florida and prior to his second birthday it was just too hot for corduroy over-alls :(

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