Do you have 2 babies under 2?! Help!

Kim - posted on 07/27/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi there. I'm currently 15 weeks pregnant and I have a 9 (almost 10) month old. I was wondering how hard it REALLY is with two babies under 2?! I know it's a blessing and all the GREAT things... but I need somebody to be realistic with me for what I'm in for. It was hard for me with my first son when he was a baby, with not much sleep then when I was able to have some down time I was SO anxious and so paranoid that as soon as I would close my eyes I would hear crying and it literally kept me from sleeping... it was horrible.

Do tell me your storys! =)


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I have a 17 month age gap between my son and daughter. They are now 4 and nearly 3 and my son has sleep apenea and ADHD behavioural problems.

I have had good days, bad days and really awful days, I still do now. I still recall nights in the early days where I had both kids up one after the other and was surviving on 4 hours broken sleep a night. Some nights hubby would come home from night shift and find the 3 of us asleep on the sofa. Luckily it didin't last more than a few weeks and my son went back to sleeping through the night when my daughter starting sleeping through at 6 weeks.
He used to get really upset whenever she cried so it used to wake him up. Once he knew she was ok he was fine. You have double nappies to change, double the washing, double the running around but double the fun. I still wonder now what the hell I was thinking when I had my daughter.

I would advise you to make sure your oldest is in a really good routine and stick to it as best you can when the new baby arrives. Mainly keep meal times, bath and bed times the same so the older one isn't too put out by the arrival of a new sibling. I found my daughter fell into the same routine as my son on her own. It made it easier on everyone.

Also take one day at a time. Just because you have had a bad day one day doesn't mean that the next day will be the same. Go to bed, write the day off and start fresh in the morning.

Be flexible.

On the upside, my 2 are now really good friends and they each have a playmate of a similar age. My son doesn't remember my daughter ever not being there and he was too young to be jealous when she first arrived.

The biggest thing is you need to look after yourself. A healthy happy mummy has healthy happy babies. Don't be afraid to ask for help, you will need it.

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