Do you let your teenager have the opposite sex stay the nigh?

Carie - posted on 07/29/2018 ( 3 moms have responded )




Just curious... my son is 14 doesn’t have a girlfriend yet... but some of Some of his friends do and their parents allow the opposite sex to stay the night... sleeeping in separate beds... at what age do you allow this and do you think it’s wrong for 14 yr olds to have the opposite sex stay the night?


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Amy - posted on 07/31/2018




So my daughter is allowed to have her boyfriend stay over every so often, only on a Friday or Saturday night. His parents are aware and are ok with it, they can share a room but not the bed

Beth - posted on 07/30/2018




Carie -

I'm usually pretty liberal and easy-going, but I think this is something I wouldn't allow. I'm all for boy having friend girls and vice versa. But most 14 year old girls have started their periods and have noticeable breasts; translation: they're a bag of swirling hormones. The changes in boys aren't so noticeable, but the hormones are still at work. I don't think I'd want to put that volatile mix in one of my bedrooms, by themselves, at night.
But that said, I recognize my 10 year old will be reaching this stage soon enough. I don't expect he'll lead a monkish existence till his wedding night. It begs the question: where's the best and safest learning venue. I don't know. Perhaps it's a question that could be discussed here. But my instinct still says it's not a bedroom in my house.
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