Do you say Wash or Wursh?

Bri - posted on 05/17/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




Just wondering, I was at the store today and some lady said Wursh, I thought it sounded so funny the way she said it. LOL

This is just a check to see how many say wash or wursh!


Martha - posted on 05/17/2011




This gave me a chuckle. A nice way to start the day. I am from Oregon (my parents have never lived in the south) and my parents say ""Worsh" it drives me crazy. I reply to them that our first President was WASHington not WORshington. Hehe. Thanks for the laugh

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I think I'm saying WASH in my own head...but I do have a southern accent that could choke a hawg! Maybe it's coming out more like wah-yush....but in my head it sounds like WASH.
I've also heard people say "ET" instead of "have eaten"
"have you et yet?"
My sister has been on heart medication her entire life..Coumadin and Lanoxin. She calls them Lacumium and Lanoxium. Drove my mother NUTS! What if you are in an emergency room and say that to a DOCTOR? He's going to have no CLUE what you are actually TAKING!
She would flap her hand and say, "well that's how I say it."
Country people tend to make up words...
Sometimes we don't even know what we were trying to say.


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