Do you think this is fair when Men say this?

Bri - posted on 05/09/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hey do you think it is fair if Men tell us to lose the weight or lose them??

One of my closest dear friends told me her boyfriend said that too her. Worst of all , she's staying with the guy! He totally embarressed my friend right in front of me and my fiance (just all hangingout).
I wouldn't give a man that said that to me "two seconds of my time!" I ve been with too much crap to put up and accept that!


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Kelly - posted on 05/10/2011




I think it's rude and this is probably just one comment in many that he makes now or will. She needs to move on and find a guy who cares for you no matter what your weight is. I had a boyfriend who was very critical of me in my Freshman and Sophmore year of high school and I look back and wonder why I stayed with him. In retrospect it was far easier to see what a jerk he was. I weighed 105-110 and he always kept saying don't get fat or watched closely what I ate. Really? Made fun of some of my clothes. I think it was a pattern in his family of making jokes at the expense of others. My guess is that the behavior has continued on to his kids. I do think that she can deal with him about the comment and watch closely for other areas of rudeness, verbal bullying and decide if this was isolated or a pattern. If there is a pattern my guess is that it will only become worse if he transitions from a bf to a husband.

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I would saying you can go either way for that comment lol.Its rude and very insensitive.If i don't get the respect i need then i would be better off without a man like that.Encourage all you want, put putting the person you love down is that cool..tut tut.
Also i agree is the girl overweight or could this be a case of a bully.

Louise - posted on 05/10/2011




I think it depends really. Is your friend very over weight? My husband does not like it when I have gained alot of weight, he does not say lose weight or lose me but I know it is a problem for him. My weight can fluctuate by 40lbs or more during the year and I diet on and off, for me not for him as I do not feel comfortable. Sometimes I need that nudge from him to get my butt in gear and shed those pounds.

If your friend is healthy and looks good then this bloke is a complete knob and she should kick him to the curb!

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