Do you want to be able to spend more time with your children?

Jazmine - posted on 05/28/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




Today you dragged yourself out of bed thinking when will I get a break or you went to work and watched the time tick slowly until it was time for you to clock out. If your in customer service you dealt with rude people, or people that ask crazy questions just to annoy you. You missed your child’s school performance because your boss needed you. Your late picking up your kids sometimes because you worked late or had to file thousands of paper work. You come home and you body hurts only to get up and do it again the next day. There was times your car may have broke down and you did not have the funds to fix it right away but have to make it to work. You wake up thinking can the food I have last until my next pay check. You want to see your family, that live far away but cannot afford to travel or do not have leave from work. You work hard all year and only get a weekend, one or two weeks vacation. Day care bills and living expenses, consume your check. You live in a area not suitable for your children but can not afford to move. You sleep for hours because being awake makes you stressed out. You window shop more than you purchase things because your job does not pay for bills and money for you. Your rent raises every year but your check is not catching up. I want you to relax and listen to me! You see many things you want to do but can not. You feel you may have to leave your home because things are getting tight. You pond everything in your house to make ends meet. You see people with money, houses and nice cars but you think your not capable of having those things. Your a teen mom and everyone around you tell you (you will be a statistic). You search for jobs and either your to young, do not have enough experience or no degree. You feel like no matter what you do your going to loose. You cry sometime because life gets to hard to bare. Your friends leave you out because you can not afford to hang with them or you do not have friends. When you go grocery shopping you carry a calculator so you do not go over your limit. Your marriage is struggling because you trying to martian financial stress and love. I am telling you I understand and mostly everything I said above has been my experience. I chose to keep going despite all the things I endured above because I knew me and my family deserves better. I am here to help you and your family because you deserve better to. Do not spend your time going from collage to college to end up not working in the field you chose. Stop owing thousand of dollars in loans to pay back for years and retire when your 60-75 years old. Now lets think most people do not make it to age 60 in this day in time so you will be working until you leave this earth. I’m telling you know it is possible to change your life as you see it now. It is possible to see your family who live far away especially because here at internet life style network we have a 90% off vacation deals. Everything I said above your going though you can change now (I did) but it started with the way I think and If you let me coach I can show you how to get rid of all your negative thoughts.

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