Do your children call your closest friends 'aunt' or 'uncle'? Or vise versa?

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I'm in a bit of a dilemma here.

My male best friend has always been a big part of my life, and as such, my family knew him very well. When my eldest nieces were about two and a half, they took to calling him 'uncle' though nobody had told them to do this. So he now gets called Uncle by all my blood nieces and nephew (my husband's nephews don't, obviously).

Six months ago, I had my first child, a little girl, and since all my nieces and nephew call my best friend uncle, so will she.

The dilemma is this; should my female best friend, who I am not quite as close to, get called aunt? Her children call me aunt, but I would never have thought to have my daughter call her aunt. The only reason she calls my male best friend Uncle is because all her cousins from my side of the family do. So my gut reaction is that, no, they shouldn't, but I don't want to offend her either.

So, do your children call your closest friend 'aunt' or 'uncle'? Do their kids extend the title to you? Do you think my female best friend should also get called 'aunt' since my best friend gets 'uncle'?


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My kids had a lot of "uncles" and "aunts" when growing up. Its a form of respect for that individual.

We started it when one of my friends mentioned that, in her culture, elders were referred to as "auntie" and "uncle" regardless of whether they were actually related. Her kids called our sitter "auntie Beth", as did mine, and we just continued that.

If it was someone who wasn't a close friend, their title would be "miss Sue" or "mr. Bryan", but if it was someone that my kids were going to see a lot of, or were good friends of ours, they got the "aunt" and "uncle" titles.


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Ev - posted on 10/22/2013




Growing up my sister and I referred to my dad's first cousin and his wife by aunt and uncle. They were about 10 years older than my dad so he was something of a brother rather than a cousin as they were raised together. I also referred to people that were well known to my family as grandma so and so and grandpa so and so and they were not related at all. My own kids have referred to my own first cousin and his wife as aunt and uncle when they were younger but they have not seem them since then so they don't call them that anymore. I have a friend from the age of 14 that my kids have always called uncle because frankly he is the only uncle on my side of the family they do know. He lives close by and sees them off and on. And I guess they will always call him uncle. He sat on the front pew with me and my sister at my daughter's wedding two years ago. He was in the waiting room when she had her first kid. And he attended her graduation. He has been there to see my son grow up. So yeah, he is their real uncle even though he is not blood related.

Jodi - posted on 10/22/2013




My kids don't even call their uncles and aunts "uncle" or "aunt"....we are all on first name basis in my family, so are our friends. But it's probably be a cultural thing. So I would say that the decision is up to you, and also what your children feel comfortable with.

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