Do your older children get jealous of the attention you give to your younger children?

Valerie - posted on 11/03/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




My 15 year old tends to get jealous of when I give her 8 year old brother attention. She says things like well you don't do that for me, or why does he get that?


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Ev - posted on 11/04/2014




I have children with about the same age range as yours and I never had an issue. One of each in fact and the girl was the oldest. I always did things with both of them but there are certain circumstances in my case. I always did things separately as well but I more things with them together. When one had the chance to do something the other was well informed that when they got to the same age they would have similar opprotunities to do things. I think you just need to find that middle ground and do a lot of things with both as well as separate. I even took her little brother to prom dress shop. He behaved himself too.

Chet - posted on 11/04/2014




We have four children and haven't have issues like this. I highly recommend the book Siblings Without Rivalry.

The idea of the book is that children to taught to expect that each child will be treated uniquely, because each child is unique. One child needing something, or getting attention, isn't a slight against the other child. It's just what's necessarily for that child. Kids learn to understand that love or value isn't connected to material goods, or amount of help received.

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