Doctor turning Breech baby. Advice please!!

Danielle - posted on 08/01/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




I need some advice..

I am expecting my second child at the end of August when I will be induced around 38-39 weeks.

With my first son, I had an emergency c-section when he was discovered breech and had passed a stool while still in the womb.

I am currently 35 weeks along, and have discovered that I am again carrying the current baby breech. He is still sitting very high in my uterus, and I am doing excersizes to attempt to turn him. We have an ultrasound again at 38 weeks to check the position of the baby, and at that time my doctor has offered to manually manipulate the fetus into the head down position.

I am conflicted how I feel. I had a horrible experience with my first c-section and felt like a failure. It affected my bonding with my first child, and I couldn't breastfed as a result of an infection I got after the procedure.

I really don't want another c-section. This is my only chance of having a natural birth. If I end up having another section then any pregnancy I may have after my second baby will automatically be sectioned as well.

I am also worried about the procedure to manually flip the baby.. I read it is only 50% effective. I also read that it is not uncommon to have to have an emergency c-section after the procedure because of distress on the baby.

Has anyone had this procedure done and had a sucessful vaginal delivery? Was it painful? Did you end up having a c-section anyways? Would you do the procedure if you were in my shoes?

Any stories or advice would be appreciated...


Chaya - posted on 08/02/2012




Most of the people I knew who had an aversion scheduled ended up not needing it when the appointment happened. Relax.

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