Doctors dont seem to care what's going on

Crystal - posted on 05/22/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




My daughter is 10 months old (8 months adjusted age), she was in the NICU only 3 weeks, her only issue was she was tiny. She was delivered early due to my lack of amniotic fluid, I always have been concerned about the lack of fluid and what effects it could've had on her.
She has severe developmental delays, she can't sit up, roll over, babble or anything. She just became a decent eater about 2 months ago. She has no facial expressions at all, no smiling ever. She has regulation issues, meaning crying, but not normal crying, screaming at the top of her lungs. At one point the crying would be 18-20 hours out of a day...and the doctors said that would just be her temperment. Now thankfully the crying is much better on a good day the screaming is only 4-5 hours out of a day. She has been evaluated by a neurologist who said she's fine come back in 6 months and we will see. The pediatricians says let's just wait and see. Her OT says bs get a second opinion, we can see SOMETHING is going on, but we just don't know what. I don't want to be the crazy mommy who insists something is wrong because obviously I want nothing more than for her to be perfectly fine...but that nagging feeling in my gut says otherwise. Anybody have any ideas, advise, heck I'll take words of encouragement at this point, feeling lost right now!


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