Doctors refusing to induce on a VBAC

Kizzy - posted on 02/22/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




I am 33 weeks pregnant with my second child. I have controlled HBP (it is chronic and I have been on medication for years). With my first child, I had to have a c-section due to how he responded to labor. I have been clear I wanted a VBAC this time. I just learned today that my doctor's group doesn't induce women who havent had a successful vaginial delievery. My heart is broken, I didn't start labor independently with my son and I am afraid I wont this time and will have to have a c section. My doctor said they will let me go naturally if I start on my own. Any suggestions or advice. I have a history of overreacting. I am contemplating accupunture to make sure I start


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Liz - posted on 02/22/2013




I honestly didn't know there were ANY doctors out there who would induce for a VBAC. Reason being is that pitocin (or other drugs used to induce labor) can cause extra-strong contractions, which the weakened uterus may not be able to handle, thus causing a rupture. Have a talk with your doctor about how far overdue they will let you go before doing a c-section. If you're really concerned about not going into labor on time, just have more sex :)

Firebird - posted on 02/22/2013




Doctors try to avoid inducing a vbac because it can increase the risk of uterine rupture. Every pregnancy and labour is different, you might just go into spontaneous labour with this one. Think positively!

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