Does a small pelvis mean c/section?

Tamara - posted on 03/22/2010 ( 7 moms have responded )




Was anyone told that they had a small/oddly shaped pelvis and that the chances of you giving birth naturally were very slim? I was told this and opted to go for a planned c/section to avoid having my baby (or myself) go through any unneccessary trauma. I'm now expecting my second child and am re-thinking my birthing options. I was told that I could try to go naturally, but seeing that I had already had a c/section, I would need to go into labour naturally, and secondly, I would need to dialate a min of 1 cm every hour. Just want to find out if any moms here have gone through something similar and have tried to go naturally with their second child having a "small pelvis", and if there were any complications, if it was worth it?


Renee - posted on 03/22/2010




I also have a small pelvis and opted for a C-Section with both of my children ..Unfortunatly they both had other plans and both of them came 2 weeks before my C-section date. My oldest was really really bad she got stuck so bad that they were talking about breaking my pelvic bone to get her unstuck. my son was not as bad after my daughter but he still ripped things coming out, and trust me I felt every bit of it. If you can go for the C-section I would if I were you.


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I have a small pelvis and it Turned out to be more roomy than the thought roomy in there words lol.It wasnt a odd shape pelvis but at the birth her shoulders got slightly stuck not a full block and the had to push down on the top of my tummy and cork screw her out, her head was not a problem and was out on the third push.

She was fine but i feel and the did two if she had of been any bigger there would of been a big problem.On my second they were very worried but let me go into labour but 4days in-out labour led to her placenta coming away so it was c-section anyway.

With the pelvis being odd shaped as well there's even a bigger chance of baby being stuck etc so i believe you made a very wise decision based on the safety of your little one.:-)

Sarah - posted on 03/22/2010




I have a small pelvis and was told at my 8 month check up that my son was about 7 lbs he turned out to be at 39 weeks and a few days-9 lbs 2 oz. I had a C-section. I know the next time I get pregnant I will have another large child my husband was 9 lbs 7 oz so I just don't see me having small children. But I do not want a planned C-section even if they suggest it I 100% believe I can have a child naturally even if he or she is a good size. Its your choice to go for whatever you want for your birth plan but the next time I walk into the hospital to have a child I will not have a birth plan (I don't believe in it) If I have to have another c-section that sucks but I will absolutely try to have a Vbac.

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If your hips moved with your first i would get a second opinion. You also don't have to go naturally, get induced and that way you progress quickly like you say is needed(i'm not too sure why you have to do 1cm an hour) and you are under the watch of a nurse from the beginning. If your hips don't adjust when your baby drops it might be best to get a cbirth again because like you said you can avoid the drama and any complications. Most women can deliver naturally but are scared becuase they are told the chances are slim. If you have 10 weeks or more to go i would suggest getting lots of exercise, just walking every night, to get the baby moving down and moving your hips so they are wider. Also get in the bath a few nights a week or even grab a bottle of lube and rub the bottom part of the vaginal opening, it will help stretch it out some so there is a less chance of taring if you are able to deliver without a cbirth.
Good luck!!

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i have a small pelvis and unfortunatly wasnt told that i did till it was too late! i pushed for 4 hours and the baby didnt budge and had to go in and have an emergancy c section. b/c of all the pushing i did the baby was really stuck, trying to get the baby unstuck from my pelvis during the c-section wasnt fun or an easy task

Meghan - posted on 03/22/2010




Ok, I have a small pelvis and I wasn't given this option. I had a totally normal delivery (no drugs) and it was I guess fairly quick but it was very hard. My son has wide hips and shoulders. He had a problem getting is head out and once it finally came out his shoulders got stuck. I couldn't push him out and theinstead of the csection the doctor actually just grabbed his head and pulled him out-and amazingly I didn't need stiches or anything. Afterwards the doctor told me that if I have another I will most likely need a cesction because although we where both healthy and fine (except my son bus severly bruised) it was very stressful. I don't know if that helps at all, but good luck whichever you decide

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