Does any one have advice to help with more food, less bottles and Sleeping through the night?

Michelle - posted on 12/28/2010 ( 8 moms have responded )




My daughter will be 10 months old January 14th, I was told to start feeding her more food and less bottles. What can I do any advice? as well as I can not seem to get her to sleep completely through the night what has worked for other mothers? Please Help!!!


Renae - posted on 12/29/2010




Between 6 and 9 months you should give the bottle first and then top up with food about 20 minutes later. At 10 months you can switch it around so you give as much food as the baby wants and then offer a bottle. If the bottle is being refused, you can drop it completely at meal times and give it in between meals and before bed.

It is very unusual for starting solids to have anything to do with sleeping through the night, the two are not usually related as long as the baby is getting sufficient nutrition during the day. This is mostly because babies get more calories from formula than from baby food and giving solids does not usually result in an increase in calorie intake. In general, if your baby is not sleeping through by 10mos, they will not sleep through until they are over 18mos or they learn to go to sleep on their own without a parent present in the room with them. Although keep in mind, as you have not said how often she wakes at night, that 50% of babies still need one night feed until they are 12 months old - the usual way to manage this is with a dream feed.

Renae - posted on 12/29/2010




Just clarifying as someone mentioned it - sleeping through the night - from a statistical research point of view - is 5 hours for a 0-6 month old and 7 hours for a 6-12 month old.

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It's not uncommon for 10 mo to wake up during the night. There are children who wake up at night for years (not that they'll always come get you). My daughter is 14 months and still wakes to nurse at night. Also I do believe sleeping through the night is considered like 6 hrs of sleep (could be wrong).

I'm not sure what you're looking for as far as food advice. Increase the number of meals she's eating. At 10 months my daughter was eating what we were (started finger foods at 7mo). So I would just work into offering her a meal when you have a meal (breakfast,lunch, dinner). Are you giving finger foods? Meal time is much more fun when little ones get to explore their food and feed themselves.

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Yea...start giving her baby food and less bottles. I guess I'm confused as to what advice you're looking for?


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I'm a little confused by what you are requesting exactly. If you were told to start feeding your daughter more food with less bottles then what advice do you wish beyond that? If you are wondering WHAT to feed your daughter then that is a bit different! As mentioned before, start feeding her at your regular meals. She should be eating pureed veggies and fruits, baby cereals and soft "finger foods". These finger foods can be thuroughly cooked veggies, soft fruits (bananas, for example) and cereal based foods that dissolve quickly when moist (graham crackers for example). Cheerios are a staple finger food that you can use as a snack in between meals. Allowing your daughter to feed herself (even though it can be messy!) helps her develop her important skills like hand-eye coordination.

As you increase the food intake, you simply cut back on the number of bottles that you feed her. She should be offered a bottle after her meals and before bedtime. That's all there is to it. Increase her intake of healthy foods (avoid junk food!) and cut back on her bottles.

Sleeping through the night seems to have been addressed well already by Renea. Sleeping through the night does not mean 8 hours like an adult! If you get 5 - 6 hours your doing pretty good. Is your daughter sleeping at least that much? Is she waking before 5 hours? Is she hungry when she wakes up or just fussy/needy? With my own daughter she would wake up, fuss a bit, then go back to sleep on her own. You need to figure out the pattern of your daughter's sleep cycle and determine if she is actually hungry or not. If you determine she is waking up hungry, you can try feeding her a small "meal" before bedtime. This could be a bowl of cereal, a bit of yogurt with fruit, anything that offers more substance along with the evening bottle. If she is sleeping at least 5 hours, she may just be an early riser! You can either go in to comfort her--do not pick her up, just rub her tummy until she calms down then leave--or you can let her cry until she goes back to sleep. There are pros and cons to each method; you need to find out which works best for you. Hope this helps and good luck!

Jodi - posted on 12/28/2010




What sort of food are you currently feeding her? And what do you mean by "sleeping through the night"? What hours is she sleeping at the moment?

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