Does anybody else have a really picky eater?

Amanda - posted on 03/05/2010 ( 7 moms have responded )




My daughter is significantly underweight-only in the 3rd percentile for her age. She has recently become a very picky eater. Hardly anything that goes in front of her is finished. I have been told its normal for her age-17 months. Is it or should I worry?


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Ilona - posted on 03/07/2010




i have had both, my son lived on frosties for almost 6 months after my daughter was born. my mum said just a reaction to new baby? he is now (26) 5'10 and fit and well. his sister ate everything that was put in front of her and is (25) 5''7 and pregnant also fit and well
my sons son is now (2) and will only eat fruit? i have found that if you dont make a fuss DONT discuss it in front of child. "no child will starve themselves" provide variose foods AT MEAL TIMES let them eat WHAT THEY WANT OF IT!!! NO SNACKS in between no matter how tempting, they will gradually get more hungry for the things you put out at meal times. always vary it not just what they ask for. and always eat with them the same food. children learn by example. so set an example. lots of yummy noises when you eat. and say NOTHING if they eat something. no fuss just a natural thing to do . then take all plates away and finnish with a cuddle. i find with grandson i put out chopped banana. grapes. cold meat. bread and butter. and maybe a yogurt. now he eats the grapes, a bite of meat, yugurt with no bits. A LAZY EATER!! i stick a fish cake i there and have tried butter beans beans and soya beans. some children find green veg very bitter till taste buds develop so dont push it.always a mix so he can choose with something diffrent. getting a bit better . i did tell him a lychee was a grape and when i ate some of it he ate the rest. progress? ♥

Iridescent - posted on 03/06/2010




You should really discuss this with her doctor. If she's dropped significantly on the growth scale, you should worry. If she's always been towards the bottom it's not as much of a concern. Yes, children are very picky. It takes an average of 18 times being given the same food for a toddler to "like" it. So keep trying!

One problem we were having with 2 of our kids was constant diarrhea. Each was having a bowel movement at least 6x per day, every day. We were giving Pediasure and it wasn't helping them gain weight at all. So I pulled all dairy. Symptoms immediately stopped for one, and were reduced for the other. We finally pinpointed the other problem food in our other as tomatoes. Now they are both gaining weight very well. If this is an issue, try elimination diet to find the cause. Not many people think of it.

If she's really not eating well, put her on a formula again (toddler type or Pediasure). Ask for a prescription for DuoCal to add to it if she's still not gaining weight within a week or two (weigh at least weekly if the doctor recommends, with an accurate digital scale). Ask the doctor HOW concerned he is; is it getting to the point where he wants hospitalization to feed or a feeding tube? It's best to do all you can to avoid that situation in an otherwise healthy toddler.

Lisa - posted on 03/06/2010




If she is otherwise healthy, I wouldn't worry too much. But I would try to increase her intake of good fats (animal fats from pastured animals, like beef and butter, and fats like coconut oil, cod liver oil, and nut butters), and minimize processed foods, just to make sure she is getting the nutrients she needs...not getting too many "empty" calories. Here's a great site that I use and like:
Good luck!

Kristin - posted on 03/05/2010




I can't tell you the number of times I had to switch plates withe my oldest child. Oh he made me nuts, since he had the exact same thing on him plate. Whatever, it has passed now. So, what you are going through is totally normal. Both of my kids are small, both height and weight are less than 10 percentile, and have gone or are going through this.

My husband and I have rules for the table, snacks, and meal times. No snacks or drinks an hour before, tends to just muck it all up. They just won't be that hungry and not open to trying anything. They do not have to eat everything on their plate, but do try at least a small bite of everthing. They may choose not to eat a thing, but this is it. There will not be anything later. I know it sounds a little draconian, but I promise your child will not starve if they miss a meal or snack. They might be cranky, but it won't be the end of the world. When they were your daughter's age, we would give a small snack a little before bed if they opted to have nothing. At the end of whatever it was we were having, meal or snack, we would praise them for what they did eat and ask them what their favorite was. We also really make an effort to have these eating times be about being together and less about food and how much is being eaten. Lots of talk about our day, what did we do, what are we planning on doing, what should we do next, how are they doing/feeling. Lots of conversation. It takes the focus away from what's of concern, how the kids are eating. We also refuse to make 2 or 3 different dinners, it's just giving in to them when you don't have to. It may sounds like we have all of the control, we don't. We have some stiff boundaries in place, but they still control what is going into their bodies.

With your daughter being 17 months, is she possibly teething again. She's about due for those molars to start coming in I believe. If that's the case, it may just be she needs thngs to be a little softer or firmer for when she is chewing things up. It's amazing they survive the teething with how fussy they can get about everything. If this is the case and she's got a favorite something, give it to her and just encourage her to try some other foods that are similar texturally. If you do need to go this route, still offer her a bit of what you are having.

Another thing to look at is how much snacking/grazing is she doing through the day. It may just be time to cut it back to 3 regulars and a couple of snacks. My oldest would drink milk all day long and then not be hungry, also not helpful and made me wonder why he was being so finicky. I found it was really easy to slip into just letting them eat whenever as long as there was peace and what they were having was healthy.

You can't force them to eat, that is very true. But they will eat when they get hungry enough. As long as this lack of eating isn't accompanied my major pesonality and behavioral changes, she will be okay. If they do occur, talk to her doc again. So these are just a couple things to consider. Use what you like and disregard the rest. Good luck, we've all survived this stuff.

Valerie - posted on 03/05/2010




♥☠My daughter is 1 and my son is 4 they are both picky eaters!If they reallly like to eat one thing (Like hash browns my son ate hash browns everyday for 2 months)Let them eat it as much as they want..they will get tired of it eventually and move on to something else.Or if it helps let her eat from your mommy wants to eat and share her dinner with you.She will out grow it.♥☠

Heidi - posted on 03/05/2010




I would perservere with her and try not to make it an issue with her, as if she senses an atmosphere she will clam up. If you go about meal times as if there nothing she should participate. e.g sit down togeather with ur partner/family with your daughter and chat togeather whilst eating, remembering to ignore her throughout the meal. it will take a few meals , but she should soon beging eating her food by herself. sometimes too much encouragment and seem pressurizing for them and they just clam up ,before you know ur child develops a food problem. give it a go, as she will eat when she is hungry but remember not to make a big dea of it, and when she does pick something off her plate dont praise her straight away as it will be unwanted attention. just address her simply by saying good girl and offer her a drink. S he musnt relate meal times to being a good girl but more as the norm .... we sit togeather and eat!
good luck. x

Rosie - posted on 03/05/2010




My daughter is a bit of a picky eater I don't think she is under weight though. I do worry about it but like my mum says if she was hungry she would eat. Ella doesn't really eat lunch, she will eat a few grapes a bit of cheese and some crisps but only licks the toast or bread. She is getting better as I eat at the same time now and dont make a fuss about it. I do feel like she eats the same things all of the time but as she gets older she will get better. There really isn't much you can do as we can't force them to eat. The only thing a child can control is what they want to eat just try not to worry to much luv I am sure she will get better with time

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