Does anybody here know a lot about birth control medication

Jolene - posted on 01/11/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )





I was on Depo-Provera for almost 6 years , I got diagnosed with hypertension about 7 weeks ago . My doctor told me I had to stop taking
Depo-Provera and any birth control until we can establish what is causing the High Blood Pressure .She put me on Norethisterone 5 mg 3 times a day for 5 days to get my period started as the Depo-Provera stops it completely and it can take very long for it to start back up normally.

We have not found any medical reason for the hypertension , so now I'm trying to loose weight and see if that helps .

So here is my Q . How long till I get my period ? I have finished the 5 days of the Norethisterone . And will this be enough to kick start my period back to normal ? My husband and I have talked about the possibility of another pregnancy and we are not against it . To tell you the truth I have been wanting another for some time .

Any help would be much welcome

Regards Jolene


Kate CP - posted on 01/11/2012




You should have started your period 1-2 days after stopping the Norethisterone. If your period doesn't start within 5 days of stopping the medication call your doctor.


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Jolene - posted on 01/11/2012




Thank you for your reply Kate :) I drank the last tablet the night of the 10th so I'll see if it will start in the next few days and if it has not started by the 15th I'll go and see the doctor again :)

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