Does anybody notice how soceity or well the gov'ment is getting a little too controlling in the way things are run?

Hope - posted on 09/02/2011 ( 4 moms have responded )




Now first off I live in Ontario Canada, and I find the Government here is getting too controlling on how things should be run, like getting too much into family lives, now yes there is people who do harm their kids or neglect and its not good to stand by and let someone harm their kids, but there is honest parents who don't and yet they some how get the flack, now sure how it is for anybody in the states or anywhere else. I was just wondering is all, Not meaning to cause a big spew here. Just wondering if anyone else notices.


♥♪Megan♫♥ - posted on 09/02/2011




I live in British Columbia aside from the opposition party imposing the HST on the population without anyone voting I haven't noticed much.

I'm from New York though and it seems that a lot of people in the US seem uniformed on how government run healthcare and everything goes. Our government gets too involved in some things and not involved enough on others. I really could care less who marries who as long as it's consentiual. But I wouldn't mind having more regulations on the economy.


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Hope - posted on 09/03/2011




@Kathrine yea I hear that the health care in the states suck, here we have it good if you have OHIP which meaning a health card, but I am sure there is people who still have to pay for things, unless your on welfare or disability for whatever reason. But the way the govenment is going we may not have so good of a health care anymore.

Katherine - posted on 09/02/2011




Definitely need the co-op.

The government in the states sucks healthcare wise.

JuLeah - posted on 09/02/2011




It has long been a complant, but who will do it if the government does not?

If the gov steps out of this role, which neighbor will be assigned to step into the role?

I think if we took care of each other we would not need the gonverment to play that role in our lives

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