Does anyone else live with an elderly parent and how are you treated?

Cherie - posted on 07/25/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




Do to my divorce and an injury at work money became non-existent for quite awhile. My elderly mom allowed me to live with her in our family home until I could get back on my feet, problem here is that because of the injury I am now disabled. I have applied for housing assistance but that takes time, and living on disability won't pay rent, although I pay some rent to my mom, it's minimal. Although I appreciate the help, my mother has and continues to be nasty and mean to me.
My brother lives here too, he has since my father died over 20 years ago and he is her baby.
I am the eldest of 5 and have always felt inferior and have never been treated very well by mom mom. I married at 17 and was out of the house for years. My younger sister comes over a couple days a week to take her shopping or to lunch, I just exist.
I offer to pick things up at the store for her, I offer to take her shopping, and I do what my physical capabilities allow to help out around the house.
If I clean anything it isn't good enough and she does it over and tells everyone that I never help out.
I am in tears often and she tells me "you are to sensitive suck it up".
I am not allowed to use her kitchen to cook because I may make a mess (although I do clean up after myself), also, I am not allowed to use her laundry room because her washer and dryer are old and I might break them, and yet if anyone asks she tells them that I am of course able to use whatever I need in the house. What is frustrating to me is that she can still use the guilt card.
I love her but can not stand that she uses every opportunity to make everything seem as though it is my fault. She buys everything for my brother, food, cigarettes, booze...but I buy everything for myself.
She thinks I am ridiculous....I want to get out of here so bad but if I do that I will be homeless.
Does anyone else have this problem and if so how can I cope?
What have you done that has worked for you?
I am so desperate.....

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