Does anyone have a child that suffers from OCD?

Holly - posted on 11/08/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




My daughter is OCD, and we are waiting to see a psychologist next wednesday... i am having trouble waiting until then. all her problems with it before were manageable. when she was 5 she only wanted to wear 2 outfits... ok, i didn't care... as long as her friends didn't make fun of her, i didn't care. then when she was 6 (or almost 6) she couldn't let her silverware touch the table (easily averted) then after that it was she washed her hands too much and got them to start cracking, so i bought gentler soap. then she was afraid to touch things that had chemicals on them (such as a table that was just cleaned, or a glass door that was just cleaned) that was a little harder, as i always cleaned the table... but that passed quickly. so i never went to get her therapy (i know horrible, but i am afraid of them putting her on meds, strange fear my mother instilled into me). So now the problem arises, she started this breathing thing, where every few seconds she takes a deep breath, as if she is not getting enough oxygen. I was scared that she was having a medical problem, rushed her to the doctor that morning. well after numerous tests and and xray, the doctor told me she thinks it's in her head. well, thats when i tell her about all her OCD habits/fears. and she tells me that she needs to see a shrink.... well now i am stuck waiting for wednesday... and i am afraid when i send her off to school that she is going to make herself pass out.

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