does anyone have a child with adhd that has abusive tendencies towards you


Constance - posted on 03/13/2014




I have a son who is nine years old with ADHD and ODD. He has very violent tendencies towards everyone. I have found, because they have so much energy and most times aggression, that it helps to get them a punching bag and gloves, a small personal trampoline and have an exercise routine set up to help in explosive situations. It will take time for them to learn how to try a new route to channel there anger but it will get better. When he starts to show signs of uncontrollably aggression, redirect him to those activities instead, to allow himself to calm down and release his anger. Then once he has used those techniques, make sure the next step in the route is for the two of you to sit down calmly and talk. As further encouragement, use a reward system. I like usimg a jar with colored balls. He gets to choose each day which color of ball he wants to put in the jar which gives him options. Have a list of five to ten rewards ranging from a walk together, to getting an ice cream, to picking dinner, etc... decide how many balls it takes for each item. Stay on top of each step,stay consistent. I hope it helps.

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