Does anyone have advice for breastfeeding an early baby boy?

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My baby boy was born 3 weeks early at 5 lbs. 14 oz.  I was given a nipple shield at the hospital by a nurse because he wasn't latching well.  I didn't know any better unfortunatley (my fault for not being better informed).  I was planning to EBF but had to supplement with formula (for a week) because of jaundice issues.  He is now 11 weeks old and we are having problems.  He isn't growing as quickly as the doctor wants him too.  He also cries often times when I complete a feeding, like he is still hungry.  I feed him for almost an hour at each feeding and have since the beginning.  I feel like he isn't getting satisfied and that's why he is fussy. After our last doctor last visit we are now giving him one additional formula bottle a day.  I just feel like I'm failing my little boy by not adequately feeding him.  I don't want to stop bf!!!  I don't know if the shield has anything to do with it but I just need help!  Sorry it was so long but just wanted to give you all the info.


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Amanda - posted on 07/28/2012




My son was a month early and he used to take an hour to feed and then be hungry again an hour later.
I would ditch the nipple sheild and speak to a lactation consultant, they will show you a technique to get your son latched on that will work for both of you.

The more you feed the more milk you will produce. You could also try pumping at the end of a feed.

Sarah - posted on 07/28/2012




My daughter was term, but 5lbs, 15oz. I had trouble latching her in the beginning because of her size. I would ditch the nipple shield first and ask to see a lactation consultant. I'd also not supplement at this time either until you can see if uninterrupted bf-ing isn't working.

Chaya - posted on 07/28/2012




My daugter was 32 weeks early, was expected to be profoundly disabled, those doctors haven't gotten it right yet, they're still practicing.
Ask your doctot to refer you to a lactation consultant, these women often have degrees to teach new moms how to breastfeed.
Your breasts will produce as much as he needs, You could pump and bottle feed him from that. It could be that he needs a different type of nipple.

Sarah - posted on 07/28/2012




I was given a shield with my oldest daughter and it did affect how much milk she got, I was advised to stop using it which i did when she was 3wks old. I suggest you find a local lactation consultant and ask them to help you with latching without the shield.

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