Does anyone have any experience with stuttering?

Jaime - posted on 04/05/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




I have 3 1/2 year old twin boys. The better speaker of the two has been stuttering for almost 10 months now. We have started speech therapy (the Lidcombe program) for him but I am having trouble separating the boys to do this. Even when we try to do something fun with each of them they are resisting and fighting us to be together. When forced to separate the one requiring therapy is not speaking or if he does is making silly little sounds. They have a diet of fresh foods, very little preservatives and additives etc. At times they have taken a multi vitamin just in periods of fussy eating which is rare as they eat a very broad range of foods. The one with the stutter has lately seemed excessively tired but has always loved to sleep. At times they do try to talk over the top of each other but we have always tried to stop this and actually stop the one talking over the top of the other to allow the first person to speak. Does anyone have experience or advice to share? Thanks in advance.


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Jaime - posted on 04/05/2012




Thanks for your suggestions. Jennifer, what you did for your son is exactly what we were doing for our son before his therapy started. Unfortunately my son's stuttering is more than developmental so he does need further help.

We are seeing a speech therapist once a week but I am required to complete his daily therapy at home which is where we've started having the issues with separating the two of them. When we have the weekly session with the therapist the babysitter takes the other twin and their younger brother but this kind of help is not available to me everyday so the therapy needs to be done in the mornings before their father leaves for work.

Thanks again for your responses, greatly appreciated.

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Maybe get him in with a speech therapist instead of going it alone. My son has speech issues, and he is receiving speech through his school, but i know your kids are a bit to young for that. Seek a professional. Often it will be covered by insurance.

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Check out this site. It is very similar to the paper my son's pediatrician gave to me for my son (then 3) because I was concerned about his stuttering. The tips are incredibly helpful. I made sure when I had a conversation with my son, that he knew what ever he had to say to me was very important, and that I would give him all the time he needed to get his words out. I didn't tell him to slow down and think out his words, and I didn't praise him for when he said something without stuttering. A lot of getting them to stop, is to take the stress of talking away. The more attention you draw to the stuttering, the more self conscious your child will become about this, causing the stuttering to become worse. My son is now 4, and you would never know he stuttered at all. One last note, as the site says, it is very common for children to stutter between the ages of 2 and 5, when they are learning to say so many words at once.

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