Does anyone have any ideas about an uncontrollable 10 year old, can this age be normal to have such a temper and disrespect.


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Rhiannon - posted on 03/23/2012




My 10 year old is caught up in the nomans land between being a child and a teenager, and her moods swings are ridiculos. One moment she is telling me she hates me and the next she wants a cuddle.

I think a lot of the attitude comes from the tv shows that are aimed at this age group. I've noticed that she seems to think she is alot older than she is.

Its hard but i just keep reminding myself that its just another phase we have to go through, I make sure that if she disrespects me or does something that is unacceptable she gets grounded with her computer privilages taken away.

I have also sat her down and explained to her that at the end of the day she is only 10 years old and that what i say goes, we are trying to find compromises at the moment so that she can have a bit more freedom.

Emily - posted on 03/20/2012




normal, yes and no. Disrespect is something that needs to be nipped in the bud right away... and ideally you teach respect from toddlerhood so that you don't run into problems later.. but either way, there needs to be some type of consequence for disrespect, such as losing privileges; and above all, enforcement of the consequences need to be consistent.

Kids also model what they see.. so modeling self respect as well as respect for each other is critical. I'd also see if you can find out what exactly the "temper" is about. Anger doesn't come out of nowhere... it's triggered by something. Sometimes an unmet need or want. Do some detective work.

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