Does anyone have back up baby names?

Barb - posted on 05/25/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




With my daughter I saw her perfectly on the 3d ultrasound so I knew she looked like a Abby. We didn't see our little boy as well he was sleeping and covering his face a lot. We have a first name and a bunch of middle names pick out. He wants to have a back up name incase he doesn't look like a James. James really means a lot to me he would be named after my grandpa so it's hard to even think of using another. Did anyone have a back name incase you look at your baby and realized this baby doesn't look like a so and so?


Sarah - posted on 05/25/2012




I didn't with my son at all. We knew he was going to be Benjamin from even before we married, let alone conceived him. If he turned out to be a girl, he would be Natalie. Needless to say, our second child was a girl, we tossed and turned whether we should use the name Natalie as we had loved it so much (and had meaning to me) before. We also debated Emily, Charlotte, and Mary, but did eventually name her Natalie (before she was born). We had a backup name of Jacob if she came out a boy. Personally, I believe that kids grow into their names. I don't really understand them not "looking" like a Benjamin or a Natalie (or whatever name is chosen). I think because we had settled on their names long before their births, when they came out, it wasn't a question, they were just who they were.

Having said that, I know a lady who had a baby a few months ago. They named him Finn. After a couple months they changed his name to something else because they decided he didn't "suit" his name. So I guess not everyone feels the same way as me, and that's okay!

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