Does anyone have experience and/or advice for potty training twin boys? They will be 3 at the end of July.

Lorajean - posted on 05/25/2011 ( no moms have responded yet )




While one is on the potty, attempting to go, the other is right in his face. To make things even more complicated, we also have a 15 month old son who is constantly trying to push whoever is on the potty off of it so he can get on it. The one on the potty says he wants "space and privacy" (lol), but I can't shut the door because I need to keep an eye on the other two. I have tried to shut the door for a second but the other two stand on the outside of the door crying to come in. If I try the reverse, and shut the door and stand outside of it, the one on potty yells for me to come back in - no matter what, someone ends up upset. It feels very chaotic. Help.

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