Does anyone have thoughts or opinions about Dr. Spock?

Rebecca - posted on 10/13/2014 ( 4 moms have responded )




I'm only 17 weeks pregnant, but I have started the pregnancy books, and what to expect when your expecting. Recently I was at a second hand book store and I found one of Dr. Spock's books and purchased it. I remember hearing about him in psychology, but I'm not sure if he's full of it or has the right idea.


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Gena - posted on 10/14/2014




What i like about Dr.Spock is that you as a mother can listen to your mother instinct. But to be honost i havent read the book.I just saw a very interesting show about couples using Dr.Spocks "method" of parenting vrs. The Continuum way of parenting.

Dove - posted on 10/13/2014




Every parenting book I've ever read (and I read them for fun for 7 years before I ever even became a mom) has some stuff I've liked and some stuff I haven't. There is no 'instruction manual' for your particular child. You just have to take the information you have available, your own personal style, and your child's needs and figure out (sometimes right away and sometimes through a lot of trial and error) what works in your family and what doesn't. I'm pretty sure I have or had a Dr. Spock book... as well as about half a dozen from other authors. lol

Guest - posted on 10/13/2014




A lot of modern principles are based on his ideas, so it's not at all crap. That said, some of the ideas were taken to the extreme and that became a real problem for society and the children being raised too much "by the book" (overly permissive parents).

All in all, I would say it is worth reading, but don't limit yourself or your parenting to the ideas within the book. Personally, I read almost everything I can get my hands on concerning parenting, childhood development, and psychology. Some of it is crap, some of it is wonderful. Most of the good stuff doesn't really give "advice" so to speak, but it does help me to understand my child's point of view, see things from the perspective of a mind not yet fully developed, and thus understand why he says and does certain things. In turn, I can use that information to figure out how to address the issues in keeping with my own core principles and values.

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