Does anyone have trouble with their families doing things to you that you would never think they would do?

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Do you speak to your family alot or very little? I have family who lives nearby and barely even speaks or even comes around. I have had family litterally vandelize my property. Have anyone had family do this to you or anything worse?


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Kelina - posted on 05/27/2012




most of my family lives nearby. i'm lucky to get a call for christmas or my birthday. After several years of me being the one to do all the work,(calling on holidays and birthdays etc.) I gave up. Now that my brother is going to be a dad he's getting a little better but that's it. My sister just had her third baby in february and I haven;t heard from her since despite me calling and leaving messages and facebooking. She just couldn't care less and she lives about 5 mins away from me.

Denikka - posted on 05/27/2012




I grew up living with my grandparents. After living on my own (with my bf) for a while, I moved in with my mom. She had just bought a house she couldn't really afford, so we moved in to help her with rent. I did all the cooking, cleaned the kitchen, looked after her other 3 kids for a few hours twice a week (they were technically old enough to look after themselves (9, 12, 15), but I kept a general eye on them), On top of that, I kept the entire basement (shared and our area) clean and looked after my little one (around a year old).
We were there for about a year and in that entire time, we just about never did anything together. I think we went out together a total of about a dozen times. We sat and talked (more than a good morning/passing greeting) about the same amount of times. In a year. She frequently did special things with the other kids though.
My entire life, the only time I got to see my mom was on holidays. Easter, my birthday and Christmas. Since I was about 8, she has never lived more than about 20 minutes away.

I only got in touch with my dad when I was about 15. One year my grandparents and I went through hell to go and see him (about an 8 hour drive one way). It was expensive (our transmission blew so that was an extra $2000 on top of everything), we were there for 4 or 5 days and he spent a grand total of about 20 minutes with me because I asked him to take me with him when he made a run to the store. He sure made time to spend with his oldest son though (he has 5 other kids, I'm the oldest by about 8 years)

I haven't had family do anything illegal to me, but they've done plenty of hurtful things and unfortunately, my mom and dad continue to do hurtful things. I just avoid them as much as possible, which is a lot easier not that I'm living 2 provinces away from them.
Sometimes there's not much you can do except avoid people like that. Family is what you make of it, not who shares genetic material with you.

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My husband's father passed away too and his mother gave his tools to him and then called the law saying he stole them. Isn't that awful. I dont' see how a mother can do that to their children if she's a mother at all.

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