Does anyone know how to calm a 2 yr old with frustration issues?

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My son is almost 2 yrs old and I believe has anger issues. He used to bite others when he got frustrated but I noticed in the car ride home today he was very frustrated because a toddler left class before him and he didn't have an item he wanted in the car. He cried almost the entire way home but tried to bite himself 3 times. He has bitten himself many times before but I thought he stopped doing that. He also rolls his hand up and hits things with his wrist. I would say it's the equivalent of an adult punching. He also slaps things or people if he doesn't get his way, gets angry, or frustrated. I didn't train him to do these things but he does them. Lately I've been getting upset with him because of these actions and of course him getting into everything that I've said no to a thousand times. I know I shouldn't get upset with him and I do believe I'm contributing to the ongoing issues but this all started prior to that. I'm wondering how to deal with his all of a sudden craziness with getting into everything he's not supposed to as well as dealing with him getting so upset he needs to bite himself.


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Hi Christina,

I'm sorry, that sounds like a nightmare!!

I have dealt with a lot of kids (nanny- pre school teacher-mom) but I wouldn't know how to deal with that level of frustration!

Have you talked to a pediatric therapist? Try not to blame yourself, these things happen and you're amazing for doing something about it! :-)

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