Does anyone know how to get rid of monsters?

Tristan - posted on 09/25/2009 ( 8 moms have responded )




My six-year old son Jaden is terrified of monsters in the room. This just started a couple weeks ago. He wants the light on and the door open, but usually ends up in our bed anyway. He is also starting to have trouble in school because he is so tired from being up all night. HELP!


Emily - posted on 09/26/2009




I remember when I was little my sisters and I were afraid of monsters in the basement. My Dad one day took a big trash bag downstairs and "wrestled" with the monsters and brought them all up in the trash bag with them in it. (I'm not sure what was in the bag) but he shook the bag to prove to us that the monsters were in there. He then took the bag with the monsters in it up a canyon somewhere and through them over the cliff. I remember this helping. Hope this helped and hope the "monsters" go away soon!

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I made "house rules" for our monsters, it may sound silly but it helped my 6 yr old son.

I told my son that certain rules apply for monsters just like people.

monsters are not allowed in someones room at night unless they are given permission by the room owner.

If a monster is caught in a room without permission they are to be fully banned from the full house property.

Things like that. Since your son is old enough to understand following rules it might work for him until he is ready to understand monsters arent really real.

Also you may want to investigate whether there is noise that he can hear that may be convincing him of a monster being in his room. Sometimes a noise we may have become accustomed to may not be one our child is comfortable with.


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Carolyn - posted on 09/26/2009




I refuse to acknowledge monsters are real or a threat with my kids, I explain that they are made up and in thier imagination (but still be sympathetic as even when we know it's in our imagination it can be scarey).

None of my kids have ever used a night light, when they get scared of the dark I get them to look at everything in thier room, turn the light off, then together we go around the room feeling all the things they saw with the light on to show them it is the same.

Sometimes they tell me they are scared of things in thier imagination so we make up a game (I tell them that as it is in thier imagination we can use our imagination to get rid of it!) We put crystals around thier bed and give each crystal a "special power" to combat thier fears.

Kids have wonderfull imaginations and I think it helps to teach them to use it to get through the scarey stuff.

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I agree with the water bottle and water... I was going to add a little food coloring for 'monsters', whatever color will convince him that the monsters don't like it! Worked great for my neice and then she could spray them away!

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invisible ink in a water gun.... that's what I did... watered down ink... let him chase them away for a few nights, it worked for my son. and he thought it was really cool.

Camille - posted on 09/25/2009




Maybe you could watch the movie 'Monsters Inc." with him. Very funny and heart warming. My kids love it because the monsters are actually scared of the children. :o)

Tanya - posted on 09/25/2009




I agree with Sharon I've heard that it helps.. Also does he have a night light in his room a nice bright one would be best I think you can also buy him his own little flash light too and why not let him leave the door open I see no harm in that... Good Luck

Sharon - posted on 09/25/2009




Get a spray bottle, add some lemon juice (just a drop or two) and some alcohol and spray under his bed each night (on SPRAY - not STREAM!) to get rid of monsters.

Or heck, fill it up with febreeze. Kill two er, monsters with one uh, spray!

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