Does anyone know of any good weight loss plans for kids? My 9 yr. old son is in good health, but continues to gain weight. He now weighs 121 pounds. I have not found many resources to help. The soonest I could get an appointment for him to see a children's endocrinologist is January.


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Bobbie - posted on 09/27/2012




I agree with Jodi. Let him continue to be on normal diet until he sees a specialist. To prepare for the specialist however I would purchase a small notebook and jot down his habits, serving sizes and any questions you want to ask, listed in the order of importance.

I would suggest you don't tell your son of this notebook, for his self esteem.

I hope all goes well with him.

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I think it would be sensible to have a hard look at his (and the whole family's) diet immediately - you don't have to wait until January to make his diet as healthy as possible.

I 'd recommend cutting out all the processed food, fizzy drinks/soda, fruit juice, cakes, lollies/candies/chocolate, fried food, sweet breakfast cereals, potato chips etc etc..

As well as this I'd make sure he's getting an hour of running around time or structured physical activity every day. He mightn't lose weight in a hurry, but at the very least you can help him plateau at this level for the next few years until his height catches up with his weight.

Best of luck!

Jodi - posted on 09/26/2012




I wouldn't put a child on a diet without the advice of a professional, so maybe you should talk to a dietician. Why have you been referred to an endocrinologist, did they give you a specific reason? Is he diabetic (I only ask because often they treat diabetics).

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