Does anyone know step by step how to treat children with Candiasis/Yeast

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Hi Moms
I feel exhausted and afraid my son has Austism ADHD/ADD combined, SID, Asthma etc.
He has suffered from constipation from birth.on and off of Miralax, Prunes, Prune juice, Pears, Pear juice. We finally were referred to a GI Dr. she is really nice by the way. He was tested with no major problems except for a redundant colon which are loops and turns in the colon basically. We were told to dink 6-8 ounces of H2O with a capful of Miralax from 8am - 8pm and just to have broth, jello, ices, juice, drink etc. This was repeated the next day and two enema were also given both days. He just continued to urinate and did not move his bowels. I felt so bad for him because his stomach continued to get more bloated and he had a lot of gas. We then were told that he needed a study by a Radiologist done with a barium enema in the hospital. The enema/study was to make sure nothing else serious was going on. The Barium enema was also suppose to loosen up his impacted bowel. We were told to do another cleanout with no food after the procedure. My son was then hospitalized for 2 days with a tube going from his nose into his stomach in order to pump fluid into him to clean him out. We were asked to alternate Miralax and Exlax , use probiotic and drink plenty of water. I have an excellent/superb Pediatric Neurologist Dr. Corbier. He is aware of GI problems and was waiting on GI Dr. to make appropriate recommendations about care. We saw a naturopathic nutritionist for the first time talked about GI problems. Outside of a couple of suggestions with diet she mainly suggested ascorbate acid which is a Vitamin C supplement called name brand Potent C Guard it cost $ 41.05 from Moss Nutrition. We tried this Vitamin C Flush protocol as directed by nutritionist. Well to finally get to the point none of these things worked. The only thing this final treatment did is get out a lot of gas but his stomach is still bloated and although I was told by his Neurologist that he had yeast in his system I did not have the epiphany until after I made him take his last dose of Vitamin C that he was not going to move his bowels because he has CANDIDA!!!!!!!!!!. So can anyone tell me how to get rid of this step by step???.
Thank you all for reading.

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