does anyone needs indian recipes


Prisca - posted on 12/18/2013




In a vessel half cook basmati rice with cloves,,bay leaf,cinnamon stick then strain it and keep aside.

In another pan put oil or ghee and add turmeric powder then finely cut cabbage.keep on stirring till it gives good aroma.Dont make it brown.And keep cabbage aside.

Keep grated carrot ready.

In the same pan again put oil then mustard,seeds ,little Cumin seeds ,sliced onion , when turns brown put crushed garlic and greenchilly . Stir it let it not burn.Then mix cabbage into it and remove it from flame

In a huge pan apply ghee around the vessel .Then add layers of rice,Cabbage,Rice,Carrot. Repeat the same .Then Keep it on slow flame till rice gets full cooked.

Basmati with 2 C ready

Serve with chicken gravy and salad


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