Does anyone out there know of or have a child with Apraxia of Speech? My daughter was recently diagnosed, and I would love to hear from someone who has dealt with this.


Corry - posted on 01/25/2009




My nephew was diagnosed with Apraxia of Speech when he was 2 1/2 almost 3, he's now 6! At the time I was living with my parents (who have custody of him) and it was very frustrating trying to communicate with him. He was able to understand what we were saying, but he couldn't answer back or communicate his needs to us. When he was 3, my mom took some baby/children sign language courses at the college and she then taught my nephew. He picked it up right away, and he was a lot happier because he now had a way to talk to us. He was able to say some words, but unless you lived with him you couldn't understand them. Along with the sign language, my mom had a speech therapist come to the house once a week. He was almost 4 when we moved away, and at the time, his words were becoming clearer! He is now 6, he goes to regular school, and he can speak as well as his friends! Now the funny thing is trying to teach him not to talk with his mouth full, my mom says, that when they eat supper, when his mouth is full he starts talking in sign!
It is very frustrating, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

Rachel - posted on 01/25/2009




Hi Kathe.  I am a speech-language pathologist and work with students with Apraxia.  In a nutshell, apraxia is a motor planning disorder characterized by difficulty sequencing out the motor movements (lips, tongue, jaw) necessary to produce sounds and words.  Kids with veral apraxia typically require LOTS of speech therapy.  I enourage you to go to  It's a great website.  Best wishes, Rachel

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Soni - posted on 03/08/2016




How is your daughter now? My son is 5.3 years old and has speech apraxia. He has a handful of word- some are clearer than others and they aren't consistent.

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