Does anyone's child have infantile spasms? We are getting an EEG for marley to see if she has this.


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Maria - posted on 06/10/2012




I'm recently in da hospital with my 2wk old son brought him in due to twitching and around his mouth turned blue... He has been having this goon on since he was born and I'm starting to get a lil worried because he will have these spasms ghats what the nutse calls it and it will last for a few minutes and stop and at times it will repeditly happen with little breaks in between.. The neurology think it's infantile spasm his EEG was good I was gold but there going to do an MRI on tomorrow.. I've read so many story's about this that j am a little scared not so much for me but for my little man...with him being so small it's hard to see if his jerks or twitchn are spasms I've seen videos and there some similarities but I havnt seen one with a 2wk old so idk what to look for...I'm very inpatient for tomarrow

Jodie - posted on 01/18/2010




when my younger brother was a baby he had feberile convulsions then when i was 12 i found out i had epilepsy so im keeping an eye on my little girl encase she has it or spasms, i wouldnt worry an eeg if prefectly harmless and if there is anything wrong with ur little 'un the docs will help sort it out xx

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