Does anyone smell different post-pregnancy?

Janice - posted on 07/28/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




Okay so I have realized that everyone has a unique smell...depending on what they eat, shower with, detergent used, and so on.... However, I've never known for it to change I've changed my diet before I've gained and lost weight and it's never changed so before someone says it's that read clearly NOTHING HAS HAPPENED BEFORE now I say before you might be wondering before what? wellllll before my son. He is almost 18 months old so I am out of the postpartum range and I am trying to shed more baby weight as I gained a lot during pregnancy. But I have noticed I smell different everywhere it's weird it's not necessarily bad just weird I guess except when I use the restroom everytime I use the bathroom I have a strong smell and I do not know if my sense of smell just never went back to normal after pregnancy or if it's something else I have never smelt this way and no it's not an infection I've been to the doctor because that's what I thought at first too. sooooooo I guess my question is has anyone realized they smelt different after pregnancy and is it normal and if u have do u know why and can you go back because not to be vain or anything but I always got compliments on naturally smelling good didn't have to wear perfume even I liked that I can't stand disgusting smells or anything weird. please help...


~♥Little Miss - posted on 07/28/2011




Yup, your whole body odor can change. Before I had kids, I could sweat and never have stinky pitts. Now I do, it is not bad, like if you were standing next to me, but I can smell the difference. I never HAD to wear deoderant, even in the do.

Also, make sure you are drinking PLENTY of water to wash out your system while you are losing weight. Hormones are horrible to a womens body.

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