Does anyone want to have a "Nurse-In" Breastfeeding Rally with me at the Capitol to protest recent anti-breastfeeding legislation?

Mary Renee - posted on 05/23/2011 ( no moms have responded yet )





Anybody want to do a NURSE-In Rally to protest anti-breastfeeding legislation!?!?!?!?!?!?!

I'm currently the breastfeeding mother of a 12.5 month-old daughter living in Hawaii. I've heard that a city or country in Georgia is changing a law the protect breastfeeding mothers from public indecency law to NOT include mothers nursing toddlers over than two.

First of all, this is ridiculous for some many reasons (what are they going to do? demand to see the babies birth certificate?) and secondly it's just going to discourage women from nursing by refusing to acknowledge it as the normal and natural way to feed a baby.

Anyway, I'm originally from Washington DC and I'm visiting my parents who still live there for the months of June and July. Does anyone want to do a nurse-in with me? Like we can literally go to the steps of the capitol and sit there and nurse our babies? I figure if we get enough people it might get some media attention and even if it doesn't change any legislation at least it will put breastfeeding in the public eye and help normalize it for mothers who are deciding whether they should breastfeed or not.

What do you think? I don't have many mom friends there since it's my childhood home and everyone is scattered. If enough people want to do it though, I'm down to check out La Leche League and My Mother's Milk organizations to try to get more participants. And if people in other regions are interested, maybe we could synchronize it and have people go to their own capitols are city halls.

Haha, I'm just throwing it out there. Any takers? I have actually breastfed my baby on the steps of the capitol before, but it wasn't a protest, it's just because my mom works there and I was waiting for her to get off work.

Nursing Mommies Unite!!!! What do you think?


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