Does anyoneout there have there kids on ADHD meds? Which ones seems to be the best.My Daughter has been on Adderal and Ritalin which didnt seem to last her thru the school day. Her doctor put her on the Daytrana patch and she has lost so much weight and looks ill. I was considering Focalin and suggesting that to the doctor. I really never wanted to put my child on meds but her school kept complaining about her behavior. I can barely get her to eat anything while she is onthe Daytrana patch and she loves food and she doesnt snack or drink


Michelle - posted on 01/05/2013




My son was on adderal and rispiridone and they to did not last through the day the doctor switched him to vyvanse and left the rispiridone and he is now going 14 hours with it working. As for the eating the reality is these meds suppress the appetite you have to sit your child down and talk to them about the importance of eating a certain amount of food each day so that they stay healthy. My son knows he has to eat breakfast in the morning, he has to eat whatever the main meal in his lunch is at school, and has to eat what I put on his plate at dinner time. I don't force snacks but he can have them if he wants them. My son is 12 so he has learned the hard way that if he doesn't eat he gets sick. Talk to her and just explain to her what the consequences of not eating are.


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Ems_mommy41207 - posted on 01/05/2013




I have been trying really hard I do talk to her and she just says "Mom im not hungry" I do feel like I am forcing her to eat at time. I even tried every kid shake they have Boost, Pedia Sure. I dont remember her ever being this bad before on the Ritalin. Risperdone I never heard of but I will mention it to her doctor. She always had the same problem where the meds dont last her. The patch does last her thru the evening at homework time just she has NO appetite. I didnt give her the patch today and she stilldont want to eat.

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