Does gardening lead to good eating habits?


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The garden can help to teach so many things! My son has not only begun eating the veggies he grows, but we have incorporated math, literature and vocabulary into our gardening experience.

Amy - posted on 05/17/2011




WEll, you can't grow potato chips...but you can grow potatoes and make your own! lol.

We have a huge garden. Need to for survival. Kids LOVE to help with it. We watered it last weekend. Harvest time they snap the green beans and put them in cans, husk the corn, i cook it slightly, then daddy cuts it to freeze. We do all kinds of veggies and fruits and they sure do love it. Even when we get out a can of green beans, there is pride in "I helped do that jar!!" yes you did, hon! We love it.

Of course when we go out to eat at a fast food place my kids are like..uh...what are we supposed to eat?

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