Does my 10 week old sleep too much?

Hollis - posted on 09/10/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 10 week old daughter has started sleeping through the night on a pretty much regular basis. *YAY* But as a first time mom, I'm still a little shocked by how much she sleeps in a 24 hour period. Here's a example of a normal day, so you moms can give me a little insight.

She'll go down at 8 pm. Wake up and start our day at 8 am. She'll take her first nap at 10 am and wake up around 1 pm. Mostly likely she will be ready to nap again around 3 pm and sleep till 5 pm. She will stay awake till 8 pm when it is time to put her down again for the night. This is pretty much our schedule give or take an hour or so. Does this seem normal to other moms?

I should also mention that she eats a normal amount, probably even a little more than normal and is gaining weight, albeit slowly. And when she's awake she's alert and playful. And also has totally normal diapers, wet and dirty. Am I just worrying too much? Does anyone else have a super sleepy baby?


Dove - posted on 09/10/2012




That sounds pretty good to me.... Granted it's been a long time since any of mine were that young and my youngest was a major cat napper.....

My oldest wasn't sleeping through the night at that age, but was down for 12 hours (with one or two nursings during that 12 hours).... and napping for approximately two 2 hour naps and one 30ish minute late afternoon cat nap. So your daughter sleeps about the same as my daughter did. Yours just does it in bigger chunks. :)

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