Does my daughters Dad (she has been with me for the passed 5 years because her Dad is a runner from problems and they happened to need a fire specialist to go Iraq), perfect timing with a baby and house going into forelosure and bills but as a 25 year firefighter and just coming back to a wife that has been battling depression most of her life and I am finally (when he left I was on a bunch of medications) and now five years later when almost off meds judge gives him temporary custody and he literally wisks her away from her past five years of life with me, my family, her wonderful school, the best cousins, her whole life and doesnt even give her messages that I called, sometimes for days. My daughter is my one and only, I am also adopted so she is my ONLY bloodline and .............................


Susie - posted on 07/09/2012




out of 10,000,000 moms there is noone out there come on moms i know i am not alone HELP

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