Does my Dd show signs of autism?

Huongvan - posted on 04/25/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




My DD is now 2 months old. I know its still too early to worry about autism but i cant help it. I would really appreciate everyone who gives me some reasons that i'm overthinking. My Dd was born at 37weeks. She doesn't look at me alot. When i breastfeed her, she barely looks up to see me but looks into my boob instead. Once in awhile she does look at me but only for one or two seconds. When i hold her infront of me, she turns her head all around to look at lamp, bookcase, images...when i put her down on bed, she doesnot look at me either. It's hard to get her attention. Once my husband held her and she turned her head back to look at me, even cooed at me and smiled a bit. Sometimes when i put her in her crib, she looks at me for longer time, several minutes and coos. But she never gave me that kind of look with stuff around her. She sometimes looks at her dad too. She does looks at other people but no so focused and smile at them too. She can track moving objects but not all the time. She follows her dad when he goes around the room. She doesn't response when i call her name. She's happy being around people and seem excited with that. When she's alert, she can be alne for a while but will cry until we come and talk to her. Sometimes, shes fussy when we hold her so if we put her down she will calm down. She's not so quiet not so fussy. Some days, she doesn't take nap, some days she sleeps alot during the day. When we bathe her, she seems scared first few seconds with the water but then enjoy the rest of her bathtime. She lifts her head when being on tummy but still not be able to keep steady head when being put into sitting poitions. Her head circumference does grow fast. It was 32 cm at birth and now 37cm which is 2.5 cm each month ( normal would be 2 cm each month) .


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Sena - posted on 06/30/2012




Dear Huongvan,

my lovely daughter is also two months old and show the same characters as your daughter. I'm very concerned. Your daughter should be 4 months now. Do you recognize any changes in her behaviours?

Jodi - posted on 04/26/2012




To me, all those things you describe sound perfectly normal for a 2 month old baby. It is FAR too soon to diagnose autism. However, if you are concerned that something isn't right (and by your description, she sounds perfectly fine), then you should discuss it with your doctor or health nurse (not sure where you live, but here we have maternal/child health centres).

Jennifer - posted on 04/26/2012




She is still pretty little. There is SO much going on in this new world! You are her best resource and advocate. I would suggest getting a notebook and writing down any concerns you have. Take them to the pediatrician. You might also want to look into Parents as Teachers through your school district. These folks do home visits and know a lot about development.
It may be that is just where she is at this stage. Every baby is different and they don't always follow "textbook" examples. However, you are mom. If you feel something needs attention, listen to your gut and push to get it checked out. It took me a while to get them to check out my daughter's odd behavior. It turns out she has mild sensory needs. We are able now to help meet those and she is a very happy kid. Best of luck!

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