Does sleeping your baby North help them sleep better?/

Vicki - posted on 03/15/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




I have a 9 month old boy who has NEVER slept through the night, On Wednesday 14/3/12 I took him to the health nurse to get some tips on sleep and to have an assessment. He has been waking up for about a month every 2 hours really unsettled/unhappy and is very clingy, apparently this is normal for his age, (although i dont remember my 4 yr old being this way). Anyway among other tips the first thing she recommends is turning his cot, To cut a long story short when we got home I turned his cot which was facing East/West to North/South, Not really hopeful of anything and worrying about the night ahead, amazingly he slept 13hours straight!! My husband and I thought WOW! Anyway last night again he slept from 7:30pm-7am didn't wake once.. This change is amazing and so dramatic I did some research to find that most people do sleep with there head North and this is the best way to sleep if u want the most restful sleep.. I also read that babies will turn to sleep head North, In saying that I have been putting him Head south to find him head North!

Has this happened to anyone else??? Has Changing cot position helped your baby sleep and does your baby turn to head North while asleep?? This seems to have really helped him he is a totally different child.


Katherine - posted on 03/16/2012




No I've never heard of that! I wish I would have known sooner though.


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What works best is a sound track that produces energy over the full human hearing spectrum (20Hz – 20KHz) with an
embedded pulse that gently eases the brain to the sleeping state also known as the Alpha state that induce drowsiness.
They are HARD to find. But, they have them at . It is amazing, our son would NOT go to sleep or stay asleep without it. Imagine your child going to sleep when YOU want.Check it out. They are a LIFESAVER!!

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