does this sound right?

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i was soooooo stressed over this subject, i got sick of it and finally decided to try to do my own meal plan for my eight month old son, but i want to know if this sounds about right because everyone has a different answer its so hard to compare to everyone else's methods i'm just curious to see if this plan sounds good for eight months......

8am: 6oz bottle

11am: 2oz formula mixed with rice and juice/water

12:30pm: gogurt snack

2pm 1 stage 2 fruit and juice water mix

5pm 6oz bottle

6:30 snack (gerber puffs)

8pm 1 stage 2 veg juice water mix

10 pm bedtime bottle

sometimes he wakes up around 4 or am and has a 6 oz bottle. i'm trying to get him on a variety of food, i introduced solids at 6 mo. this plan is pretty new he needs to cut back on the formula a bit the doc said he only needs 24oz a day and thats pretty much what he drinks. like i said i know every baby is different but i''m just curious to see what everyones suggestions and comments are....thanks :)

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