does you child have a sleeping patern and do you stay at home because of this?


Louise - posted on 05/26/2012




I think it depended on how much I needed the break. If I had had a good night then I would go out in the day and let them sleep in their buggy in the day. If I had been up all the night and was particularly tired I would stay in so I could have a rest too. I know when my kids stopped having naps at 2 years old I was gutted because my down time disappeared.

More often than not I would stay in during the week and go out at the weekend.

Medic - posted on 05/25/2012




When they were small enough to chill out in the sling I tried not to schedule things during nap time but hey life happens and I was not going to stop my older ones life because his sister needed a nap. She slept fine in the sling and actually slept longer. Now she will sleep anywhere any time no matter what is going on and that is great.

Elfrieda - posted on 05/25/2012




Oh, yes, I sometimes feel like a prisoner! ;) Mornings are our "get out of the house" time, but we rush home for the afternoon nap. Now that my son is 2.5, it's not quite as necessary so I can stretch it out to be an hour or two late for naps or bedtime, but I used to need to be home at 11:30 am so he could eat lunch and go to bed. And then he'd sleep for 3 hours, then we could go out again until 7:30, when we needed to be home again for bedtime. It kills your social life, I'll tell you. But I'd rather have a cheerful son and invite people over a lot than go out and have a whiny clingy velcro-child the next day.

Now he's 2 we can do some days like today, where he didn't get to bed until 10 pm, but it's not really good for him, and I'll try to make sure he naps properly tomorrow.

Edited to add:

The idea of "lilypads" really has made life easier. I feel like a frog and I hop from lilypad to lilypad where it's safe. Example: My parents' house is a lilypad because they have a crib in the spare bedroom that my son is used to sleeping in. My sister-in-law lives in a different city and he's also accustomed to sleeping there in her playpen. There are about 2 or 3 more places where if he needs a nap or I need to drop him off somewhere for 20 minutes I can.


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Melissa - posted on 05/25/2012




Thank you all for your thoughts on this! I was just wondering as a couple of my friends won't go out when sleep time is near at all. I used to go out no matter what and if she slept that was great but I never worried about it. But she was always a good sleeper at night ever since she was born she sleept through the night as soon as we got home from hospital. I feel like my friends are missing out because they have to stick to a routine everyday. That may be good for some people but I can't stand routine I like spontaneous!!

Liz - posted on 05/25/2012




I assume you mean for naps kids are 5, nearly 4, 2.5 and 11 months. My 11 month old naps from about 11-1 and then again from 2:30 to 5. My older 3 rest (or nap, depending on how tired they are) from 1:30-4:30. Bedtime is 8. I try to schedule appointments around naptimes, but I am not overly ridiculous about it. Sometimes, and with that many kids, it is just too hard to make things happen before 11 am or after 5! If I can, I will get a sitter to stay with the kids if I am going to be gone for a long time with one of the others. If I HAVE to schedule something during naptime, then I usually bump bedtime up about a half hour. I hope this helped...

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