does your child still have cradle cap at 4 1/2 months?

Tyra - posted on 02/29/2012 ( 5 moms have responded )




My son still has cradle cap. I have tried everything to get rid of it, but it still keeps coming back. Do any of you know what I can do to get rid of it completely? His ped said to try selsun blue. He also said that it would make his scalp really tender. I really dont want to use that remedy unless I really have too. What do you guys think I should do?


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I did the baby oil thing once or twice, but dealing w/ it annoyed me more than the cradle cap. Hate that slimy stuff. lol

Chrystal - posted on 02/29/2012




I would rub olive oil into her hair about 10 minutes before a bath then in the bath use a baby brush during her shampoo. That helped control it but she didn't fully stop getting it till around 6 months. It doesn't hurt them to have cradle cap it's more we as parents don't like looking at it. I wouldn't use selsun blue that seems like a pretty harsh chemical for a baby to me.

Connie - posted on 02/29/2012




baby oil and a soft brush helped us the most but it just took time more than anything. good luck and God bless

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My son had cradle cap until he had enough hair that I couldn't see it anymore (so... over a year and a half). I washed his head just like I washed the rest of his body and didn't worry about it.

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